Saturn-Neptune and avian flu


Plagues and Saturn-Neptune aspects

 Welcome! Aspects of Saturn with Neptune are related to illnesses and flu. Does the Saturn-Neptune aspect predict plagues?

Here is a study about the history of the connection between Saturn-Neptune aspects above and plagues or world wide flu on earth.


In 1918 Saturn was conjunct Neptune and there was the Spanish Flu. At the time there was a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Leo. In 2006 there was an opposition of Saturn in Leo with Neptune in Aquarius, but there was no world wide flu. Saturn will be inconjunct Neptune between December 2008 and September 2009, just like in December 2003 (when H5N1 killed millions of birds and dozens of persons. In astrology the combination of Saturn and Neptune is related to illnesses and so is the conjunction. Endless fear without balance is also a possible translation of Saturn inconjunct Neptune. The list below shows that the Saturn-Neptune cycle doesn’t give clues or keys to epidemic flu, plagues or other world wide medical disasters.


– 1918: Spanish Flu. Saturn and Neptune in Leo. No help from Jupiter (in Gemini or Cancer and often retrograde)
– 1846: Discovery of Neptune at the time of the conjunction with Saturn! Also thousands were dying in Ireland after a bad potato year. No worldwide illnesses.
– 1683: Nothing happened at all.


SATURN-NEPTUNE OPPOSITIONS (like in 2006) were in:
– 1936: Guerra Civil in Spain, Olympic Games in Nazi-Berlin, but no illness. Saturn was in Pisces.
– 1863: Abolition of slavery in Holland and the USA (Emancipation Proclamation), central period of Civil War in the USA, but no illnesses (Saturn was in Libra) about 1795: time period of French Revolution (Saturn in Taurus)
– 1719: Most memorable event is that Robinson Crusoe was written! (Saturn in Scorpio)
– 1577: Nothing important (Saturn in Capricorn)
– 1470: Nothing important (Saturn in Taurus)

PLAGUE and astrology


On the 10th of October 1347 the Plague (killing millions in Europe) was brought to Italy by ship. Maybe the plague started somewhere in Asia or Africa in 1344 when Saturn was in Aquarius, conjunct Neptune. Jupiter in Capricorn was not very helpful. There might be a link here…In those terrible years of the Plague when so many lost there lives in Europe (1347-1351), Saturn was in Pisces and Aries while Neptune is in Aquarius. Perhaps there was an effect of the semi sextile?



In December 2003 H5N1 was discovered in Asia. Over 100 million birds died or were destroyed. In Thailand and Vietnam 23 persons died. Within a month the disease was (supposed to be) under control. In December 2003 Saturn was in the middle decade of Cancer and there was NO opposition at all with Neptune. There was an inconjunction. On September 12, 2009 Saturn in Virgo will be inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius. The Mexican Flu was soon under control.

MY CONCLUSION is that IF there will be a world wide Avian Flu you just cannot blame the opposition of Saturn and Neptune. There was never such an event as worldwide flu when Saturn was in opposition with Neptune! And only 2 out of 5 time when Saturn was conjunct to Neptune! That was also at a moment that Jupiter did NOT square and ‘help’. Saturn has a 28-30 year cycle. Massive epidemics are less frequent. The Saturn-Neptune connection will not help us to see world wide epidemics coming, I am afraid. And being afraid is related to Saturn,too.

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