Unaspected planets



You know the expression: CONSPICUOUS BY ABSENCE? The element without placements and the objects in the chart without aspects are noticed more than other elements or objects are. They will not be unnoticed? They are ‘calling’ you to pay attention to them.


Welcome! The not aspected planet and the empty element, the element without placements, are just as important as the person who is conspicuous by absence. They are being noticed! Just see this.

  • Harry Potter was written by J.K. Rowling. In her chart, Mercury  – the planet of communications, speaking and writing –  doesn’t make any aspect at all! Mercury is very wide conjunct Venus. How could she refuse the call to become a writer? The other side of the calling Mercury is, that she doesn’t like being interviewed.
  • Oprah Winfrey’s chart has no planets in the element earth (the material element) and when she started life she was very poor. She became one of the richest women in the world! When you don’t have a placement in earth signs, you are seeking for material security (and she found it).
  • Hillary Clinton also lacks earth signs. Her Sun is only making one aspect: a quintile with Saturn (for being creative in managing). That is what made her a leading figure in the government (and rich, too,though she seems to have spent a bit too much in the 2008 campaign).
  • Rich Donald Trump has no placements in earth, either. At a certain point in life, he was bankrupt. When an element of planet is ‘calling’, the manifestation of this element of planet can reach any level (top or down; you won’t stuck in the middle).
  • Evita Perron did not have major aspects with Neptune, planet of myths, and she became a legend.

You see my point…

When is a planet ‘calling’? In my opinion, that is when a planet doesn’t make major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Major aspects are the aspects as mentioned by Ptolemy: conjuction, sextile, square, trine and opposition. So if there is a Sun with a square of 98 degrees and and inconjunct, this Sun is ‘calling’. An element is ‘calling’ when there is no placement of Sun, Moon or the planets including Pluto in air signs, in water signs, in fire signs or in earth signs. That element gets a special meaning. The not aspected planets and elements are important for the vocation. They sort of ‘call’ you to manifest the issues and themes of the planet or element involved. Here are some interpretations for ‘conspicuous’ elements and planets and a direct way to the missing elements is here…


The sun symbolizes life, vitality, shining and being in the center of it all.

The sun without aspects highlights leadership, show, performance (as an athlete, for example). This sun calls for drawing attention at any possible level
The nasty side of a ‘calling’ Sun could be that you tend to be bossy and like to play the starring role, always.


The moon symbolizes needs and care. The Moon without aspects attracks children. Everything related to children (education, care) will be highlighted. The Moon is of importance when you want to keep memories alive, like with historic facts or when you play a certain role on stage, but the Moon is also important for cooks. This calling Moon will shine on habits and daily needs.

The other side of the calling Moon is that what you need is so important, that sometimes you are overruled by your needs. If this Moon rises before the Sun, the person involved will be lead by needs and emotions.


Mercury is the messenger of the gods. The calling Mercury is always seeking for contacts and ways to communicate as a writer, reporter, or transporter (delivering messages or packages). The messenger doesn’t always want to listen to what others think of it. It is talk, talk, talk or complete silence and sometimes the person with a ‘calling’ is simply not a person to reason with.


Venus is seeking for love, kindness and sympathy. With Venus ‘calling’, style, beauty, charm and diplomacy will be used in the profession, if possible. Venus is important in the charts of diplomats, stylists, beauties,beauticians and those working in the field of entertainment and pleasure.
But, when the ladies ‘call’ you, always, it is hard to resist their call (if you are male). Ladies with ‘Venus calling’ like mirrors… Sometimes it is vanity beyond any level.


Mars without aspects will be strongly dedicated to the job, often in sports, in the military, industry or as an entrepeneur. If Mars is not working, the energy will find a way out in adventures, activism or by showing very high and very low levels of energy and drive.
Hyperactivity disorder CAN (with another indication in this direction) be one of the ways to manifest a ‘calling Mars’. The other side of this Mars is that one day you don’t fight back at all and the next you surprise your enemies with your fire and anger.


Jupiter is seeking for a conviction or religion and wants development. An unaspected Jupiter will be an international, a traveller, someone with a strong conviction, showing the way (sometimes as a coach, sometimes on a trip: a guide).
Jupiter folks like to guide others. Calling Jupiters know best, always. That is sometimes hard for the rest of us!:)


Saturn is seeking for stability and security and: status. Of course an unaspected Saturn will be found in the charts of those who work in the government, construction, with the elderly or in any hierarchy.
The urge to find material stability might lead to crimininal acitvity, in certain circumstances. And when you climb too high, you might fall.


Uranus is seeking for sensation, new items and news. That is why the unaspected Uranus will likely be driven to gadgets, the latest findings, technology, inventions and …news. Journalists, inventors, engineers, computer freaks and technocrats are among those with an unaspected Uranus. Sometimes it is the signature of the outsider or rebel. You just need to stir things up and cause a scene when Uranus calls you to change atmospheres.


Neptune is seeking mystic, romance, rest, ideals. The non material world belongs to Neptune. Drugs, chemistry, perfume, the movies, religion, spiritiuals and spirituality: they are part of the world of Neptune.
When you dream without limitations there is always a chance to end up in a world of dreams…


Pluto is seeking challenges and influence by using force and authority or values (money). Strong men (with or without muscles) have unaspected Pluto’s, but Pluto is also ‘calling’ those who do dangerous work or they work where strategy is needed (in politics, for example).
The nasty side of a ‘calling Pluto’ is that you need more and more power and can’t resist the challenge to prove how strong, powerful and rich you are. In certain cases this is too dangerous (for the person or for others).


When your Midheaven or Ascendant don’t make any major aspects, you are subject to circumstances outside yourself (related to position, parents, government or the place you live) more than other people are. This might make you vulnerable but can also bring you into any position at all (even to the top) or anywhere (even in paradise).

Ascendant without aspects: circumstances and situations have an extreme influence
MC without aspects: a position or status at any possible level..


And how about ‘missing’ elements (elements without placements of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto)?

  • No fire:This calls for looking for possibilities to express aggression and feel vital, sometimes very aggressive, sometimes without energy
  • No earth:This calls for looking for possibilities to collect material and feel secure. 
  • No air:Social contacts are an issue. Sometimes unreasonable, sometimes very bright…
  • No water:This calls for looking for emotions and the feeling to ‘belong’. This person is sometimes sentimental, other times without much empathy.

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces



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