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There is a lot that you can share with a partner, even aspects.

Sharing aspects: that is when you and your partner (or enemie!) have the same aspect combination in your charts, for example: you have Sun conjunct Moon and your partner has Sun trine Moon. Or you have Venus conjunct Mars, just like your partner. An aspect is a distance with a meaning. What do shared aspects mean? They mean joined experiences. See it like in the picture above: two people on the same way, carrying about the same things and yet they are different.

People live and work together. Sometimes the planets in their chart interact (there is synastry). Sometimes people share an aspect, maybe even with the same distance between the two positions in the natal chart. This aspect will be vivid and active in their relationship. It is what they share. For example, when you both have a Moon-Jupiter aspect, you will desire a big family and probably spoil the kids.

See what aspect you and your (business-) partner are sharing. And read what the impact is for your relationship. Parents may share aspects with their children (and those aspects should be interpreted considering the situation). When someone’s progressed Sun is conjunct the natal Sun of another person, they will experience the same kind of transits and in a relationship such a period often produces strong empathy in a shared situation.

Sharing aspects indicates having the same sort of characteristic and/or experiences/wishes. 


If one person is ambitious and his partner is ambitious too the chances for success as indicated in their chart will grow. Or supposes someone is easily addicted and his partner too. How to stop an addiction if both are in trouble? In football teams many have an aspect between Sun or Mars and Pluto. That enforces the will to win and the drive for victory. They ‘go for it’! That is how sharing aspects works. Another effect is when a child is born with a harmonic aspect between two planets that conflict in the charts of his parents. The child might function as a mediator between his parents. Couples with both Sun square Mars will constantly fight for their honor (if not against the rest of the world, then against each other). The child with Sun trine Mars in its chart could be the bridge between them and learn in an easy natural way how to deal with conflicts. Here is a list, showing you the interpretation of having the same aspects with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars as your partner has. And here are some examples of celebrities…

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Note: harmonious or soft aspects are the sextiles and trines. Neutral are conjunctions (except for ’difficult’ planets like Saturn) and quintiles and biquintiles (indicating being creative). Inconjunction, square and oppositions are hard aspects, also referred to as ‘afflictions’.

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Sun and Moon in aspect is pointing at family life being the central issue in the relationship. If Sun and Moon are in conflict in both charts shared nasty experiences at home in early life or earlier relationships could be the focus. This relationship is an opportunity to learn how to go on, based on these experiences. You will share a highlighted family life.

Sun and Mercury shared in aspect is rather common and a sign of the subjective mind that many of us share. In a group or community this aspects makes you go for the shared interests

Sun and Venus shared in aspect is a sign of love for life and sometimes for yourself. You want to have a pleasant life and that is what makes you come together, to make life more beautiful. As a couple you radiate beauty and happiness even more then when you are alone. Your love and sympathy is highlighted and you might share wishes to come true.

Sharing Sun and Mars in aspect is: competition. Who is the boss and the best? If harmonious you do sports together or you play a lot together.  Sharing Sun-Mars points at the same kind of work and drives. But if in conflict there is a lot of struggle between the both of you and you must learn to cooperate or separate. In a relationship sexuality might be the battleground. Your work and arguments are highlighted.

Sun and Jupiter shared is a sign for shared progress in life. You both want to make life better and together you go for success. Even with the conflicting aspects you will probably succeed in it. Both are tolerant and full of forgiveness and that helps to go on cheerfully and bright with supporting each other. Your success will be highlighted.

Sun and Saturn shared makes you worry a lot if the aspect is hard. Maybe you do this, due to sharing nasty life experiences or feeling the same limitations and responsibilities. Nice trines or sextiles make you the serious couple, the parents perhaps. You go for a long time relationship and for getting old together and you are consistent in that! Your perseverence is highlghted.

Sun and Uranus shared in aspect might indicate: joined rebellion. How long this will last in a proper family home in a suburb, especially when the aspect is hard? But in a group of inventive people or in a place where news items are made you certainly can go for ‘sensation’ together. This relationship could have an unusual start. Too much tension could lead to stress, even if the surprises are nice. Both being independent and willing to be free it will be hard to stay together as a couple. With harmonious aspects this tendency for doing things the way you want it, will be tempered and then your unique qualities come to the light, better than if you were alone.

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.

Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune.

If Sun and Pluto make an aspect in both of your charts living together will not be easy. Two strong wills, two fanatics, both wanting to win and to have the power. Let us say: playing power games, sometimes. If harmonious both will finally win in some way or win and survive together after making a difficult start. If both have the affliction in their chars, than there is the possibility of making each others’ life hell. But for some reason they are stuck to each other and will not easily separate. In crisis situations these people take charge and cooperate to survive. In teams they are joining forces to win as long as there is ‘the other’ to combat, trying to beat the team member by doing the best they can. Maybe that is why so many football teams have members with Sun-Pluto aspects.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are a couple (now, March 2013). He is born on July 15, 1981. She is born on March 28,1986 in New York.
They share a hard Sun-Pluto aspect (he has the square, she has the inconjunct) and that means that living together will be challenging!

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Moon-Sun: see Sun-Moon

Moon and Mercury shared in aspect: this is the couple that knows how things ought to be done and they tell the whole family about it. Afflicted their will be a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpreting because both never really say what they feel. That is ‘not done’. Both behave in a way the other does not understand. That behavior makes life complicated, especially private life.

Moon and Venus shared in aspect is meant for the ever loving couples, attractive for others as well (especially the males). When their are children and the aspect is hard the woman could become ‘mother’ for the husband and feel trapped and betrayed by a husband who is too nice to other women. In a family or group these two will enforce the feeling of belonging together.

Moon in aspect with Mars shared is the aspect for the hard working couple living speedy and (with hard aspects) having a lot of private fights at home. There may be sexual attraction, but also a need for competition. If production has to grow, it is rather fortunate to have these people sharing that aspect in your group. Otherwise the irritations will show up easily as they are always in a hurry together.

Moon in aspect with Jupiter shared is for the couple that has it all and never is content. They long for having more together and feel they own it. So they might even pretend to be better then they are when confronted with others. Success joins them. Not being satisfied with daily life issues is easily felt with hard aspects. They spoil their children, both of them and so the chance for having nasty children augments drastically. In a group they are the positive ones. With harmonious aspects both feel privileged and will therefore be open and tolerant. Prince Charles shares this aspect with his son William. That will make the relationship easy for them and they will be supportive.

Moon in aspect with Saturn shared is for the careful parents who like to live by the clock. With hard aspects share the bad memories are shared as well. They might stay together to remind each other of those bad events or actions. Seldom will this couple kiss in public and in a group they are the ones to regulate things and make the rules,

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie (both related to Brad Pitt) share Moon square Saturn and Sun square Uranus.

Moon in aspect with Uranus in both of the charts tells us about surprises. The relationship can be a flashing one or there are tensions at home all the time. Both of the partners have a desire to be different than the other and share a desire for sensation. Maybe they are both psychic and possibly they can have a special ‘supernatural’ contact.

Moon in aspect with Neptune shared: a relationship ending at the couch watching a movie or (with afflictions) ending up in an emotional disaster. These persons share an abnormal need for romance. A bit like in the film, but not like in the real world. Together they long for long voyages and they dream together. For some it is a nightmare (but then other indications must be ‘helpful’)

Moon in aspect with Pluto shared: that is a challenge for daily life. Two little tyrants wanting to have it their way, to eat their favorite food! One has to submit. But they are a closed front when in trouble. A bit like the Bundies! If one of the two has a soft and easy aspect for this person it is a lot easier to have it his or her way then for the one with the hard aspect. The result of that is that the other person shows a lot of anger.

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When aspects with Mercury are shared communicating with each other is a vital part of the relationship. Maybe you also do business together.

Mercury-Sun, see Sun aspects. Mercury-Moon, see Moon aspects.

Mercury- Venus: loving to talk with each other! Both are communicatoin talents.

Mercury and Mars: discussions, opinions colliding (afflicted). Both have a ‘sharp tongue’.

British Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles share Mercury semi square Mars. Volkert van der G. killed Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. They shared afflictions of Mercury and Mars.

Mercury and Jupiter:  you enjoy traveling or studying together and a wide range of interests. You join your intellectual or moral superiority and strongly agree when the world outside is questioning you.

Mercury and Saturn: sharing the same hard convictions, being serious about that. With hard aspects you are both mistrusting the world outside and that is what joins you.

Mercury and Uranus: differences in opinion are possible, but also learning a foreign language together. Maybe you invent your own secret language, for your ears only.

Mercury and Neptune: movies and fantasies are the subject of your conservations. In business there might be a misty way of communicating or something hidden between you.

Mercury and Pluto: sharing a strong idea and it is wise to have the same idea or else there will be a constant drive to convince the other.

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Venus-Mars: sharing the same blood (having children together or being related, colleagues sharing the same passion). Prince Charles and his son Harry share Venus sextile Mars.

Venus-Jupiter: sharing the love of traveling together, reading and growing. Your marriage makes you feel better, you are the popular couple. Together you love to party, too.

Venus-Saturn: staying together as long as possible because love is a serious thing. And if you break up (possible with conflicts and supported by more indications) the pain is long felt.

Venus-Uranus is for sharing the same love of music, dancing and adventures. Venus-Uranus could be the shared aspect for falling in love for a short period of time.

Venus-Neptune is for the real romantic persons. They like being together in the light of candles, soft music, going to the movies. For how long? As long as it is OK.

The other side of sharing Venus-Neptune: having affairs…

Venus-Pluto is for fanatics. When in love they want all or nothing, there are no compromises and often they are jealous or there are other marriage problems. They might start a marriage ‘forced’ by circumstances. In a group the desire to make money or having money together is what shares them. But, if harmonious, this aspect could indicate ‘love till death do us part’. And for experienced fanatics: sharing the same pain.

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Mars- Jupiter: procreation, enterprise, drive for progress.

Mars-Saturn: working hard together as long as possible (like Queen Elisabeth and her late mother), sharing the same frustrations, not much fun (unless there are other indications). This aspect might indicate a lack of shared activities.

Mars-Uranus: new experiences in work activities, sport or sex. Male friendships like was the case with the martyrs in Algeria (read that article), who also shared a horrible incident that ended their life. Johann Calvin and his opponent Michael Servetus shared a Mars-Uranus aspect. Servetus (Mars inconjunct Uranus) was killed, Calvin was responsible. They had a controversy. Read Astropost about a 2013 tragedy with Mars-Uranus as a shared aspect:

Mars-Neptune: Being without job, sharing drugs or alcohol or medications. Maybe they are working together in a health or non profit organization. Or having affairs…Sorry, this is an aspect that does not cheer up…

Mars-Pluto: could be destructive as it is about using power and force. In a team of sportsmen this aspect can empower the joined forces. If both of you have Mars trine Pluto this can make you go for being the ultimate number one in sport or in sex.

Of course more aspects can be shared. The above mentioned interpretations are but examples of possible work outs.

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EXAMPLES of relationships of people sharing aspects in their charts

1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Lennon (09101940 183000 CET Liverpool) has the Sun quintile Pluto, Yoko Ono (18021933 203000 JST Tokyo) has Sun biquintile Pluto in her chart. Yoko Ono was the direct reason for the divorce of John and Cynthia Lennon. His new marriage was not fun either. He left Yoko for a period of time for someone else. The marriage ended with the death of John Lennon. (BTW Cynthia Lennon has the Sun semi square Pluto)

2. John and Jackie Kennedy

John Kennedy 29051917 150000 EST Brookline MA; Jacqueline Bouvier 28071929 143000 EDT Southampton NY

John F. Kennedy has Moon afflicted by Venus and Neptune. Jacqueline has Moon sextile Venus and trine Neptune. In the course of his marriage John Kennedy had various affairs and meetings with prostitutes. The marriage ended when John was shot before the eyes of Jacqueline.

3. Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Priscilla: 24051945, 22h40 EWT NY ; Elvis was born 08011935 043500 CST Tupelo USA

Both Priscilla and Elvis Presley have Sun trine Neptune in their charts. But also both have a hard aspect between Sun and Mars. According to Priscilla the marriage was imaginable and there was not much sexual activity (but a child was born).

4. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

Mia Farrow (born 09021945 112700 PWT Los Angeles) and Woody Allen (01121935 225500 EST Bronx NY) shares: Venus- Pluto (he square, she opposition), Moon-Venus (he square, she trine), Sun-Venus (both semi square)

The next examples are related to life-and-death-issues:

5. Pim Fortuyn and Volkert van der Graaf

Pim Fortuyn, born 19th of February 1948 at 0h15m in Velsen; hi s murderer Volkert van der Graaf, born 9th of July 1969 in Middelburg)

Volkert van der Graaf, the cold blooded murderer of politician Pim Fortuyn shares a lot of aspects with his famous victim:

Sun afflicted with Mars (Fortuyn the opposition, Volkert the sesquiquadrate)

Volkert has the Sun quintile Jupiter, Pim a sextile between Sun and Jupiter,

Pim Fortuyn has Mercury opposed to Mars, his killer Mercury inconjunct Mars,

Van der Graaf: Venus trine Uranus, Fortuyn: Venus quintile Uranus,

Both: Venus opposition Neptune,

Both harmonious aspects between Mars and Jupiter,

Volkert: Mars conjunct Neptune, Pim: Mars semi square Neptune,

Volkert Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Pim has Jupiter opposed to Uranus,

Jupiter opposed to Nodes (Volkert). Jupiter biquintiel Nodes for Pim Fortuyn,

Volkert: Saturn sesquiquadrate Pluto, Pim Saturn conjunct Pluto (generational aspect, but these two are of different generations)

Both have a conflict between Saturn and Nodes.

They share a lot of aspect. They never met before Volkert van der Graaf shot Pim Fortuyn. But when they met, it was fatal.

6. Jorin van der Sloot and Nathalee Holloway

Jorin van der Sloot was born 6th of August 1987 in Willemstad. The missing American girl, Nathalee Holloway, was born 21101986 Birmingham USA. He should be the last who saw her alive and was suspected of being involved in her disappearance.

Their fates were joined, their charts have joined aspects. They share (apart from the fact that Nathalie’s’ Mars is squaring his Pluto and his Mars squares her Venus):

– Sun conjunct Mars (he) and Sun squarer Mars (she)

– Sun square Pluto (he) and Sun conjunct Pluto (she)

– Both have Mercury conjunct Venus

– He has Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn, she has Jupiter square Saturn.

7. John Lennon and his murderer and fan: Mark David Chapman

John Lennon (09101940 183000 CET Liverpool) and Mark David Chapman (10051955 193000 CST Fort Worth USA) share the next aspects:

–         A conflict between Mercury and Jupiter

–         Venus square Uranus

–         Saturnus square Pluto (generational aspect, but they were born 15 years apart)


When people share positions in the chart, they share transits, too. My latest personal experience is transit Uranus opposition Sun of my husband and square Sun/Moon of myself on the day that my husband had an accident that I witnessed.

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