Sun/Moon midpoint synastry



The Sun/Moon midpoint is an important midpoint. Not just in your natal chart, where the Sun/Moon midpoint is highlighting the most important ability or issue in our life and informs us about what is motivating us. (There is an article about calculating and interpreting Sun/Moon midpoint on this site –link). Sun/Moon is also very important for a relationship. Any planet of a partner that is in aspect with the midpoint Sun/Moon is creating a strong sense of ’to belong to a person’. A famous example is Queen Victoria. Her Sun/Moon in Gemini is exactly square the Sun of her husband Albert. They had 9 children together and she never stopped mourning his early death. More personal, I have a Sun/Moon midpoint square my husband’s Sun, too and I know of others who do. The Sun/Moon – aspect mirrors a different kind of connection between two persons than a Venus-Mars aspect does. When a transit hits a person’s Sun/Moon midpoint, it hits a person’s motivation and family life. I haven’t worked on the meaning of the Sun/Moon midpoint synastry, yet. See the link below for more.

More examples:

  • His Sun, her Sun/Moon (Victoria and Albert)
  • His Sun sesquisquare her Sun/Moon (Onassis and Jackie)


  • Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
  • Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Eva Braun and Hitler)
  • Her Mars semi square his Sun/Moon (Jackie and John F. Kennedy)
  • His Venus conjunct her Sun/Moon (John and Jackie Kennedy)
  • His Venus conjunct her Sun/Moon (Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt)
  • Her Saturn square his Sun/Moon (Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard, living separately during many years after about 18 years of marriage)

To find the Sun/Moon midpoint an hour of birth is required. That is because the position at Noon may be 7 degrees away from the real position of the Moon in a natal chart.


The Sun/Moon midpoint is the equavalent of (Sun + Moon)/2. Of course, to calculate this you need to use the degrees of the 360 degree circle. A Sun in the 10th degree of Taurus is at 40 degrees, a Moon in the 20th degree of Libra is in the 200th degree. The midpoint Sun/Moon of this example combination is at 120 degree (zero Leo).


I found one site that gives the meaning of the Sun/Moon midpoint synastry with Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars, Node and Ascendant:!the-sunmoon-midpoint-in-synastry/c1eb2

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